National Coalition of Auditory Processing Disorders

Dr. Jay R. Lucker is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist in private practice specializing in auditory processing disorders, with offices in Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and Long Island, NY.  He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders processing for over 30 years providing assessment, parent/school consultations, clinical and educational interventions and research.  He is president, chairman of the board, and co-founder of the National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders (NCAPD).

Dr. Lucker has developed a unique approach to APD that he has utilized and modified over the past 30 years.  This approach integrates auditory, language, cognitive, and emotional factors and focuses on what a child's auditory processing test results reveal to determine how and why the child is having difficulty processing auditory-verbal information. 

If you have questions concerning Auditory Processing Disorder, please email Megan Muehlberg at [email protected]
and she will get back to you with information on dealing with APD from a teenagers perspective.

Dr. Lucker is a nationally-known presenter and a widely published author on the topic of auditory processing disorders.  To get in touch with Dr. Lucker, please contact him at [email protected]

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